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Plastic Bushings

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
  • Self-lubricating plastic bushings
  • oilless Materials
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Plastic Bushings – Things to Know

What are Plastic Bushings?

A plastic bushing is an alternative to the traditional metal, brass, or bronze bushing. The advantages to having a plastic bushing are that there are low wear rates, the material is light, it will mold under a heavy load, and it can arguably outshine metal bushings. They are made out of thermoplastic alloys and solid lubricants. The price of the material can vary based on the quality that one wants to achieve with the plastic bushing. In many ways they outperform metal bushings through lasting longer in harsh environments, being able to function without lubrication, and producing less friction.

plastic bushings

plastic bushings

What is the Difference Between Plastic Bushings and Metal Bushings?

The difference between plastic bushings and metal bushings starts with the material that they are made of. Metal bushings are the traditional kind of bushing that has been produced for over a century. In the past, bushings could only be made of metal and metal bushings were the only option. Nowadays, bushings can be made from plastic instead of metal. Plastic bushings are molded from various polymers like PTFE and Nylon, and can be easily made in any shape and size. Plastic bushings offer many benefits that metal bearings do not, and they are usually considered to be a great upgrade over traditional metal bushings.

How are Plastic Bushings Used?

  • Plastic Bushings are used for metal studs

The use of plastic bushings for metal studs is to protect cables from the metal edges that are a result of melding the metal studs. In order to shape the studs, steelers need to drill holes into the members and this can leave sharp edges. The plastic bushings are a protectant against these edges.


  • Plastic Bushings are used for EMT

An EMT is an electrical metallic tube and it needs a plastic bushing to safely protect cables from the edges of the metallic tube. In this case plastic bushings are far superior to metal bushings because they do not conduct electricity. Using plastic bushings in electrical applications is safer and leads to less accidents involving electric shocks and short-circuiting.


  • Plastic Bushings are used for PVC

A PVC is a basic pipe that can be used for plumbing and sometimes can be used for electronic piping. The plastic bushing for a plumbing PVC is used to connect two pipes and the plastic bushing for an electrical PVC is used to help safely conduct heat. These PVC bushings can come in many shapes and sizes.


  • Plastic Bushings are Used for Much More

Plastic bushings are just as versatile as metal bushings and are especially successful in situations that involve high pressure or high-speed usage and exposure to liquid and corrosive materials. Their natural resistance to corrosion and self-lubricating properties make them thrive in the same situations as metal bushings.

Types of Plastic Bushings and Their Advantages

Plastic bushings can be made of many different materials and come in many different shapes and sizes. The most common plastics used to make plastic bushings are Polyoxymethylene, Nylon, PPS, and PTFE. Plastic bushings offer a long list of advantages over their traditional metal counterparts. They are usually much cheaper than metal bushings – as much as 25% sometimes – yet they operate much more efficiently. Plastic bushings run longer in harsh environments, are self-lubricating, resistant to corrosion, reduce and stabilize the coefficient of friction, and last significantly longer than metal bushings.

When you consider the advantages of plastic bushings, you realize that they save you money both when you purchase them and as time goes on. This is due to the reduced maintenance costs, the longer life span, and the fact that they do not require lubrication. During the same lifespan of a plastic bushing, you would need to repair, replace, and relubricate metal bearings – and they would have cost you more at the beginning, too.

Self-lubricating Plastic Bushings Manufacturer

Bushing MFG is a known and trusted major supplier of self-lubricating plastic bushings as well as all other types of bushings. We have been in business with companies all over the world for over 20 years. We work especially closely with customers in Europe and the Americas. If we don’t have what you are looking for listed in our inventory, contact us anyway! We can custom make any order according to your own designs. Our industry-leading team of engineers can use their knowledge and skills to deliver the perfect product to you, regardless of how difficult the project may be. For more information about pricing and delivery times, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated sales team!

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