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Graphite Bushings

Since 2006, Bushing MFG has been offering the world the best graphite bushings solutions, self-lubricating graphite bushing has a high load capacity. It is the best among others because of its minimal friction and wear resistance.

At bushing MFG you may get all bearing graphite bushes, We also provide PTFE bearings, polymer bushing all over the world, Our consumers have become potential stable clients due to our reasonable prices and efficient sales services.

Our skilled staff contributes creative and cutting-edge solutions to our product line. You can also purchase customized products as per your company’s needs.

Grow Your Business with the Best Graphite Bushings Manufacturer in China

Bushing MFG is the best solution for providing friction-free bushings with low maintenance features.

Variable backing materials, such as bronze, brass, and other iron-based materials, are available for the oil-free graphite bush.

Our R&D department works day and night to develop new materials and ideas. Similarly, Bushing MFG’s quality control team inspects the product from raw material collection to final packing.

Bushing MFG protects your investment by providing free samples before order confirmation. Your time and money are valuable to us. As a result, you may receive prompt deliveries to your door.

In addition, we provide OEM services. You can show us a draft or a sample. Our trained and experienced staff will create designs similar to yours but with some unique alterations (if the need arises).

We export high-quality graphite bush to over 40 countries. We make it easier for you to order by giving you more options. You can type in large quantities or with a low minimum order quantity.

Bushing MFG produces sliding plates, half-bearings, flanged bushes, and cylindrical bushes in a range of forms and shapes from graphite bushes. It can also create any customized form or size to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

Sintered Brass Graphite Bushing

Sintered Brass Graphite Bushing

The constant oil presence in self-lubricating sintered bearings allows the bearing to work for thousands of hours without wear, apply to construction machines, industrial automation, and manufacturing industries.

Graphite Oilite Bushing

Graphite Oilite Bushing

Graphite oilite bushing has high wear resistance and high strength. It has good mechanical properties. It is applicable to repair shops, manufacturing plants, and energy/mining industries. 

Sleeve Carbon Graphite Bush

Sleeve Carbon Graphite Bush

It is a self-lubricating sleeve carbon graphite bushing, It applies to mining operations, paper mills, oil fields, and various kinds of professional machinery.

Solid Bronze Graphite Bushing

Solid Bronze Graphite Bushing

Solid bronze graphite bushing is used in place like, manufacturing plant and machinery repair shops.

Graphite Copper Bushing

Graphite Copper Bushing

The vital self-lubrication, high bearing capacity, and resistance against temperature are the qualities of graphite copper bushing. These bushings are replacing the traditional copper bearings due to high load carrying capacity at low prices.

Customized Graphite bearings

Customized Graphite Bearings

You can customize the styles listed above. We can also create bearings based entirely on your specifications.

Graphite Bushings – The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Bushing MFG made graphite bushings are employed in various applications because they offer unique mechanical and physical features.

They have a low coefficient of friction that supports rotating equipment productivity, efficiency, and performance.

Let me further tell you about the characteristics and other details to miss no time to start your own business.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Graphite Bushings?

Graphite lube bearing is graphite plugged bronze bushings, Graphite is a naturally oily mineral that does not require any additional fluids to reduce friction, That is why it is the best material for making bushings.

Graphite also possesses the highest temperature resistance of any metal and keeps its structure and shape at temperatures as high as 5000°F.

Machined graphite is frequently utilized in high-heat situations, such as load capacity systems, where oil, grease, and metals oxidize.

The graphite bushings greatly expand the temperature and chemical range of mechanical activities.

Some graphite bushings perform well in cryogenic environments since graphite is not sensitive to thermal shock damage.

Bushing MFG manufactures bearings that are most commonly found in the food, beverage, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our graphite bushings also have excellent temperature stability and chemical resistance.

This feature allows them to work in various conditions such as underwater, in space, underground, and in liquid, gas, and vacuum.

2. How Are Graphite Bushings Made?

Bushing MFG is an ultimate manufacturer of graphite bearings that can withstand far greater temperatures than lubricants, which begin to carbonize at temperatures beyond 200 C.

The graphite bushings are made using an extrusion method that includes softening a mixture of graphite powder and additives before forcing it through a hollow profile.

They’re often formed like standard bushings with round profiles, thin walls, and hollow interiors.

Our graphite bearings usually are smooth and uniform in thickness and are black or dark grey.

As graphite is a porous substance, many bearings are impregnated with wax, high-quality linseed oil, or resin during secondary post-processing procedures.

It smooths out the bearing’s surface and prevents any difficulties that might arise if water or gas seeps through the graphite’s external surface.

The porosity of graphite is reduced by wax, resin, or oil, making it less sensitive to internal damage and tear.

Graphite bushings are durable, but like other bearings or load-bearing components, they will need to be replaced at some point.

Graphite materials are employed in a wide range of corrosive and abrasive applications due to their various advantages, including their dimensional stability.

Bushing MFG has been a professional graphite bushings manufacturer in China for 12 years.

Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes

Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes

3. Why Is Graphalloy Best for Graphite Bushings?

Graphite is one of the two most often used dry lubricants in today’s industry.

Graphite has unique qualities that make it a good choice for bushings when typical sleeve bushing materials aren’t an option due to the risk of pump upset.

Graphalloy is a graphite-metal alloy that benefits from graphite’s friction qualities while obtaining the strength and heat conductivity of the metal.

It is a homogeneous, solid, self-lubricating bushing and bearing material made from molten metal, graphite, and carbon.

It is also used to make oil-impregnated graphite bushings that improved performance in a wide range of applications.

Graphalloy is perfect for underwater and high-temperature bearings and bushings and applications where oil, grease, plain carbon bearings, and plastic bearings have failed.

Graphalloy bearings are available in both conventional and bespoke sizes.

The graphalloy material blends graphite’s self-lubricating properties with metal’s strength and wear resistance. The metal impregnation procedure also minimizes swelling and decreases oxidation at extremely high temperatures.

Graphalloy Bearings and Bushings

Graphalloy Bearings and Bushings


Bushing MFG graphite bushings are widely used in different industries.

You can use our graphite self-lubricating bushings in the following ways.

  • Graphalloy self-lubricating bushings apply to
  • Automotive industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Dryers
  • Furnaces and ovens
  • Food applications
  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Pumps
  • Paper and pulp making industries
  • Semi-conductors
  • Textiles

No matter which industry you choose to use graphite bushings, Bushing MFG is always your best choice.


Graphalloy made Bushing MFG graphite bushings have the following advantages.

  • It has a low coefficient of friction
  • It is free of oil contamination issues
  • It is non-galling
  • It has reduced downtime
  • Runs underwater
  • High temperature and tolerant to dust
  • No external grease or oil is required

It is self-lubricating

Self-Lubricating Bearings

Self-Lubricating Bearings

Other Uses

Graphalloy made Bushing MFG graphite bushings have the following uses.

  • Bushings and wear rings for centrifugal pumps and dampers in refineries and pumps used in midstream transmission activities are frequently made of graphalloy.
  • Its impact on equipment reliability is one of the reasons it is so commonly utilized in pumps.
  • Bushing MFG can construct Graphalloy parts with tighter running clearances than metallic worn parts because of their non-galling qualities.
  • Pumps can run more effectively with these tighter clearances, resulting in energy savings.
  • Graphalloy may also withstand higher temperatures than other non-metallic wear component materials defined in the API 610 Standard.

The self-lubricating qualities of graphalloy allow for improved dry running survival without causing harm to the pump. Pump maintenance will be less frequent as a result.

4. What Are the Uses of Graphite Bushing?

You can use Bushing MFG graphite bushings in the following situations.

  • In situations where oil or grease, even in vapor form, is forbidden, graphite bushings are essential to use. The Food, pharmaceutical, and textile industries are all excellent examples.
  • Graphite is dry self-lubricant that is very efficient.
  • Maintenance of certain types of equipment becomes nearly impossible without graphite bushings due to difficult access to moving elements.
  • Graphite has a lesser density which means that you can use it where low-weight bushings are required.
  • The use of conventional oils and grease is prohibited at temperatures between 100°C and 150°C. Graphite can be used as a bushing material in this temperature range because of its thermal stability and self-lubricating properties.

Graphite is an inert material and has corrosion-resistant. Carbons and graphite function well in corrosive environments where regular lubricants are not suggested, whether dry in a corrosive atmosphere or submerged in corrosive liquids.

5. Who Is the Best Graphite Bushing Manufacturer in China?

There are plenty of graphite bushing manufacturers for their sky-high demand. The graphite bushings serve a mile-stone to the industries due to their uncanny properties and benefits.

China, Japan, the USA, and India are the leading manufacturers of graphite bushings. You can import your graphite bushings from China’s leading self-lubricating bearing manufacturing company Bushing MFG.

Bushing MFG is the leading manufacturer of graphite bushings in China.

Bushing MFG has experience of over 15 years in the field of manufacturing bearings. You may get a wide range of products and exemplary services here.

Bushing MFG has an enormous capacity to produce graphite bushings. We can make thousands of pieces in a single day.

We have an automatic manufacturing system, so you will always get enough graphite bushings even in the peak season.

Moreover, we can also provide you with free graphite bushing samples to check the quality before placing the order.

After discussing the price and availability of the product, you can proceed with dealings with our customer services team.

You will also get pictures and detailed videos of each product.

Best Bearing Manufacturer

Best Bearing Manufacturer

6. What Is the Use of Self-Lubricating Graphite Bushings?

Graphite bushings that self-lubricate are appropriate for applications where conventional lubricants are unavailable.

Carbon graphite is also suitable for high-temperature applications.

Bushing MFG Self-lubricating graphite bushings are widely used in a variety of sectors.

When it comes to industrial applications, everyone from power plants to facilities can benefit from the improved bearing performance.

Other bearing types, such as solid oil-impregnated bronze bearings and greased roller bearings, are suited for a wide range of sectors, but they aren’t always up to the task.

Frequent maintenance and replacement are required for these bearings, which can significantly raise operating costs and negatively influence performance.

Maintenance-Free Bearings

Maintenance-Free Bearings

7. How to Get a Customized Graphite Bushing?

You can contact bushing MFG to get your customized order for the graphite bushings.

Bushing MFG has been the best manufacturer of graphite bushings for years. We are professional bushing manufacturers and supply you with the best material.

To get customized Bushing MFG graphite bushings, you need to

  • Choose material
  • Choose graphite bushing style
  • Select bushing size

And you are all done with your customization. We will send you your required order within days.

8. What Are the Benefits of Graphite Bushings?

The benefits of graphite bushings are as below.

  • Lubricating on its own
  • The Friction coefficient is low.
  • Non-infuriating
  • Chemical, corrosion, and oxidation resistance
  • Food and medication compatibility
  • Low population density
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Thermal conductivity is good.
  • Strong mechanical properties
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • The carbon-graphite material lasts longer with less impact from environmental variables due to its strong corrosion resistance.

Even at extreme temperatures, performance remains superb.

Weather-Resistant Bearings

Weather-Resistant Bearings

Moreover, they apply to

  • Temperatures of more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • corrosive conditions
  • Areas where traditional lubricants have the potential to taint the product
  • Lubrication is not possible at this location.
  • Dusty conditions
  • Pumps for chemicals
  • Pumps for food processing
  • Pumps used in refineries
  • Pumps for cold and hot water

Applications involving cryogenics

9. What Is the Application of Graphite Bushing?

You can use the Bushings MFF graphite bushings in various sectors such as


Long conveyors are frequently used in mine shafts to transfer recovered ore and other items from the mine’s depths to the mine’s exit.

These conveyors are frequently located in inaccessible areas, making it challenging to constantly deliver lubrication and routine maintenance to the conveyor’s bearings.

Bushing MFG Graphite bushings eliminate the need for lubrication and enable longer maintenance intervals and lower frictional resistance at the bushing interface.

Treatment of Metals

Metal heat treatment is a necessary procedure in various sectors, from car manufacturing to industrial toolmaking.

This method involves heating metal at extremely high temperatures to change physical qualities such as hardness, strength, and toughness.

Heat treatment furnaces will frequently use Bushing MFG graphite bushings, whether in a batch or continuous operation.

The oil or grease lubrication required to lubricate conventional roller bushings can burn up at high temperatures.

Power Plants of Coal

Electrostatic precipitators are used in coal power plants to collect suspended dust particles from the air using massive electrically charged plates.

This dust is collected and carried to drag out the conveyor where it is appropriately disposed of.

Bushing MFG Graphite bushings are commonly used in drag-out conveyors because of their wear resistance and long working life.

Industrial Application of Graphite Bearing

Industrial Application of Graphite Bearing


Pulling lengths of fabric through dye baths is how textiles are dyed.

Bushings that can run fully submerged in dye and resist chemical corrosion from the dye chemicals are frequently required in these devices.

For this purpose, the industrialists tend to choose Bushing MFG graphite bushings.

Graphite is an inert substance that can operate in the most corrosive situation, from caustic acids to strong alkalis. It can also run fully submerged in a wide range of fluids.

Graphite bushings assemblies are prevalent in textile dyeing facilities for these reasons.

Nuclear Power Plants

High-temperature dampers in nuclear power plants re-direct airflow as needed throughout the facility.

These dampers rely on bushings that are not only resistant to extreme temperatures but also require no maintenance.

Bushing MFG Graphite bushings satisfy both of these criteria, which is why it is widely utilized in nuclear power reactors worldwide.

10. How to Reduce Damage to Graphite Bushings?

Graphite bushings will damage over time due to friction between the bushing and the rotating shaft it supports.

Designing the bushing system with a significant emphasis on damage resistance is the key to minimizing bushing damage due to friction.

You can improve bushing performance, and the required maintenance frequency can be minimized by following certain precautions.

Due to the numerous variables that might affect wear, graphite damage rates are highly application-specific such as load, speed, presence of abrasives, etc.

It implies that when it comes to maximizing wear resistance, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Oilless Graphite Bearing

Oilless Graphite Bearing

Select the Right Grade

Correct grade selection is crucial when building graphite bushings, and Bushing MFG takes care of this matter.

There are hundreds of different graphite grades available on the market, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Many factors must be addressed when deciding on the optimal graphite grade,

  • Whether the application is wet or dry running.
  • What’s the temperature where you’re working?
  • What are the loads and speeds involved?
  • Are there any caustic chemicals in the area?
  • What is the maximum amount of wear that a bearing can tolerate over time?

Finally, contacting your graphite producer directly is the best method to confirm you’re utilizing the correct grade for your application.

Select the Right Shaft Material

The choice of shaft material can have just as much of an effect on bushing damage as the graphite grade.

The shaft must be as rigid and smooth as possible.

A more demanding shaft will keep its surface finish for a more extended period than a softer one.

Maintaining a smooth surface finish on the shaft throughout its service life will significantly reduce wear, which is why only the carbon should wear during operation.

Common industry recommendations are a hardness of Rc 35 or higher and a surface finish of 16 inches or better.

Corrosion resistance must also be sufficient to avoid rusting or pitting, which degrades the finish.

Use Abrasives Carefully

Abrasives are highly damaging to graphite bushings.

Abrasives can easily scrape the surface of graphite, considerably speeding up damage rates.

If abrasives are used in an application, you can do the following steps to reduce their impact:

Grooves on the bushing ID can be used to “flush away” as much as possible of the abrasive material.

Liquid introduced into the bearing’s operating clearance can help reduce damaging contact between the bearing and the abrasive particles.

You can combat the harmful effects of abrasive build-up by diluting the concentration of abrasives and draining them out of the running clearance.

Liquid Lubrication

The liquid inside a graphite bushing’s operating clearance can almost avoid bushing deterioration.

Impervious graphite bearings can maintain a hydrodynamic layer that functions as a barrier between the bearing and the shaft if there is enough fluid.

When compared to dry operating, this allows the graphite bushing to sustain much higher PV values.

In other cases, submerged bushings can tolerate PV values 75 times higher than those achievable when operating dry.

Even if the bushing isn’t completely submerged in liquid, splash, steam, or intermittent lubrication can help reduce wear significantly.

Lessen the PV value

Bushing damage is a result of load and sliding speed. PV can be used to reduce this damage.

Graphite bearings can usually resist continuous exposure to a PV value of around 30k psift/min in dry operating conditions.

Increasing the region over which the weight is distributed is one of the simplest ways to minimize an application’s PV value. By simply lengthening the bushing, bearing designers may achieve this.

The application’s PV value is decreased by half by doubling the bushing’s length, thereby increasing the bearing’s operational life.

Bushing MFG made graphite bushings are damage resistant. However, you must take care of the points listed above to avoid risks.

High-Grade Self-Lubricating Bushings

High-Grade Self-Lubricating Bushings

11. What Should I Consider While Buying Graphite Bushings?

Before buying your graphite bushings, you must check upon the following list.

  • Look if your graphite bushing manufacturer is CE certified and internationally proven
  • Make sure that you are going to the authentic manufacturer.
  • Look if your graphite bushing is original or not
  • Ask the nearby people about the company you are visiting.
  • Check for the seals or product code on the graphite bushing to make sure it is no fraud.
  • Personally visit the worksite to have your satisfaction that you are investing the money at the right place.

Bushing MFG fulfills all these requirements.

We have several production lines for the manufacturing of graphite bushings.

Whether you need graphite self-lubricating bushings or any other help, Bushing MFG is always there for your help.

12. How to Replace a Graphite Bushing?

A bushing’s job is to support a rotating shaft. As a result, there will undoubtedly be some friction and damage during the operation.

Regardless of their type, Bushings are frequently one of the first components in an application to require replacement.

Many applications such as pumps employ Bushing MFG graphite bushings for a variety of reasons.

These bearings are not prone to galling or seizing, which is a recognized failure mode of other types of bushings.

It is because there is no metallic attraction between graphite and the shaft.

As graphite is self-lubricating, it can run dry in some situations without the need for grease or oil.

Thermal and chemical resistance are also essential features of graphite bushings when pumping hot fluids or caustic chemicals.

Graphite Bushings Installation Process

Here is how you can install your graphite bushings.

  • It is essential to treat your Bushing MFG graphite bushings with care during installation.
  • Most graphite bearings are press-fit into housing, although another installation method may be required in some situations.
  • It’s also crucial to utilize the proper interference.
  • Heat the housing to reduce interference during installation and allow the bushing to press-fit more readily for tight interference fits.
  • To further eliminate interference, the graphite bushing can be chilled with liquid nitrogen for tight interference fits.
  • Lead-in chamfers on the bearing outer diameter and the housing inner diameter help guide the bearing into place.
  • In a single action, press-fit bearings at a consistent rate.
  • It’s vital for the bushing to be machined after the press-fit to account for any problem that occurred during installation due to the press-fit.
  • This pre-checking helps to build the bushings according to the application.
  • Keep in mind that you must maintain adequate running clearance between the shaft and the bushing.
  • This running clearance should be 0.1 to 0.3 percent of the shaft diameter for most underwater applications. It provides enough room for a hydrodynamic fluid layer to form while avoiding excess space, producing rattling or increased localized wear.

The graphite bushing replacement is complete once the bushing is press-fit and of accurate size.

13. What Material Is Used to Make Graphite Bushing?

Bushing MFG uses the following materials to manufacture graphite bushings.

Carbon’s high strength, hardness, and wear resistance are combined with graphite’s natural lubricity in carbon/graphite compounds to make graphite bushings.

These chemically bonded carbon compounds are robust, thermally stable, and chemically and corrosively inert in most applications.

Impregnation with resins, metals and oxidation inhibitors can improve performance attributes when more incredible wear performance, higher temperatures, or impermeable materials are required.

The process for assembling carbon into metal housing is determined by the carbon grade, metal type, and operating temperature.

Press fitting is typically utilized in low-temperature applications where only a small amount of interference is required to inhibit the carbon from rotating on its own.

For high-temperature applications requiring more interference to avoid carbon rotation, shrink fitting is employed.

The carbon is dropped into a hot metal enclosure during shrink fitting. The housing shrinks and seizes the carbon as the metal cools.

In this way, by using practical and straightforward material and processes, Bushing MFG makes graphite oil-impregnated bushings.

We can also give you detailed videos for a better understanding.

Carbon Enclosed Metal Bearing

Carbon Enclosed Metal Bearing

14. What Is the Difference between Regular and Graphite Bushings?

Graphite bushings have several advantages over other bearing materials.

The fact that carbon graphite bearings are employed in various industries, from food production to wastewater control, demonstrates this.

Although the applications for these bushings vary widely, wear resistance is a critical feature in all of them.

If you have any queries or would like more information regarding the graphite bushings, you can contact Bushing MFG right now!

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