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Transmission Bushings

  • Oil-Free Transmission Bushings Kit and shift bushing Replacement
  • SGS and ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
  • Various Materials for Choice
  • No Quantity Limit and Customizable

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Bushing MFG accepts orders for any type of transmission bushings made from special materials or custom bearings with a minimum quantity required.

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Transmission Bushings – Things to Know

What is a Transmission Bushing?

A transmission bushing is a specially designed bushing that is used in transmission parts. These are used in every kind of transmission and are absolutely crucial to the proper functioning of any drivetrain. They work in tandem with the rest of the parts in transmission to ensure efficient functionality. Using higher-quality transmission bushings can extend the life of transmission by protecting the rest of the parts surrounding the transmission bushing.

Is There a Difference Between a Transmission Shift Cable Bushing and a Transmission Bushing?

There is not a strict difference, perse. Transmission shift cable bushings are a type of transmission bushings and serve one particular function, which is enabling smooth and secure movement of the shift cable. Transmission bushings are a broader category that includes transmission shift cable bushings and all other kinds of bushings that are unique to the transmission. Essentially, all transmission shift cable bushings are transmission bushings, but not all transmission bushings are used as transmission shifter cable bushings.

What Does a Transmission Bushing Do?

Transmission bushings are absolutely crucial to the proper functioning of a vehicle, as without functioning transmission bushings the vehicle simply will not move. Transmission bushings in a manual transmission vehicle connect the transmission shift cable to the transmission linkages, which is what puts the car in gear and enables it to move. If the transmission bushing is broken or not functioning properly, it is possible that the vehicle will never shift into gear or out of gear, leaving the vehicle completely useless until the transmission bushings are replaced.

What Are Some Other Names for Transmission Bushings?

Transmission bushings can have several different names, especially because there are different kinds of transmission bushings used in different transmissions. Some of the most popular other names for transmission bushings are the following:

  • Transmission Shift Cable Bushing
  • Shift Linkage Bushing
  • Transmission Shifter Bushing
  • Manual Transmission Bushing
  • Gear Shifter Bushing

How Do I Know if My Transmission Bushings Are Bad?

Transmission bushings go bad. That is just a part of life! It is bound to happen, and when it does, there will be no major consequences as long as you act quickly. If you delay replacing the transmission bushings, you risk potentially damaging your vehicle even further. There are some common bad transmission bushing symptoms that you should be aware of that will alert you if you need to replace your transmission bushings. They are:

  • Grinding sounds when switching gears
  • Irregular sounds like whining, screaming, thumping, or squealing when trying to shift gears
  • Transmission fluid leakage

If any of these are happening, get your vehicle to a mechanic quickly.

Transmission Bushing Replacement Cost

If you need new transmission bushings, you may be wondering about transmission bushing replacement cost. Don’t worry – they’re very affordable. Transmission bushings cost between $10 and $15 to replace, and you can do it at any mechanic. Buying straight from a supplier, like Bushing MFG, reduces that cost even further. Talk to us about your transmission bushing needs and we will help you to find the product that is perfect for you!

Transmission Bushing Kits

If you are going to try to replace your transmission bushings yourself, you might want to think about getting a transmission bushing kit. While there is some real mechanic knowledge necessary to replace transmission bushings on your own, it can save some money that would’ve otherwise gone to the mechanic. Transmission bushing kits are specially designed to help you to replace your transmission bushings on your own without the help of an expensive mechanic. Transmission bushing kits will usually be more expensive than just buying transmission bushings straight from a manufacturer, but they are often easier to install and come with all of the necessary tools.

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