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Thrust Ball Bearing

Thrust Ball Bearing is friction reducing part of machines. Thrust Ball Bearing works as a friction minimizing agent in the machines. Thrust Ball Bearing helps slow and lightly loaded machines to work with high-speed to make them efficient.

Thrust Ball Bearings are a branched type from Thrust Bearings. There are two types of Thrust Bearings, one is Thrust Ball Bearing, and the other is Thrust Roller Bearing. The main difference between both is that the Thrust Ball Bearing makes machinery work with high-speed, while the Thrust Roller Bearings helps to carry the high capacity load.

thrust ball bearing

Thrust Ball Bearing Metric Series:


What You Want to Know about Thrust Ball Bearing

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types of ball bearing from Bushing MFG

types of ball bearing from Bushing MFG

What is a Thrust Ball Bearing?

Thrust Load Bearings are a type of Ball Bearings and Thrust Bearings. As a type of ball bearing, the main functionality of these bearings is the same as other Ball Bearings; these bearings help machines and their applications work at high speed and minimize the rate of friction. These bearings make slow machines work fast so they can deliver high performance.

These bearings are specialized to deal with thrust load acting along the shaft of the bearing. These ball bearings make machines go through axial loads with high-speed exerting parallel to the shaft and housing of the baring. Thrust Ball Bearings are very bad with the handling of radial loads.

The Thrust Ball Bearings are available in two designs:

  1. Single direction Thrust Ball Bearing

The single direction Thrust Ball Bearing contains two rings; shaft and housing washers. These bearings have rolling balls and a cage or a retainer for the rolling balls. The structure of these bearings only allows them to bear axial loads only. The single-direction Thrust Ball Bearings cannot handle any radial load applied on them.

  1. Double direction Thrust Ball Bearing

The double direction Thrust Ball Bearing design contains 3 washers and a cage or retainer for the rolling balls between the rings. The rolling elements that are ball are separated from the cage by the shaft washer. The double direction Thrust Ball Bearing handles axial thrust load in both directions and cannot bear any radial load applied on it.

Applications of Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust Ball Bearings are the best type of bearings for high-performance applications. These bearings go through axial loads in machines in which the thrust load is low. 

Thrust Ball Bearings are applicable in the industrial world, including the aerospace and chemical industry. They are also fit for different applications that require high-speed working efficiency in machinery. These bearings are found in the machinery of utilities like electricity, gas, water, and others.

How do Thrust Ball Bearings works?

The Thrust Ball Bearings are based on a bearing ring. The bearing ring looks like a washer. The race grooves in the bearings are for the rolling balls. The shape of the outer ring seat is distinctive into two seats; flat or aligning seats, the distinction of outer ring seats on their shape.

The design of these bearings is to handle thrust loads. These bearings can go through axial loads but no radial loads while working at high-speed. The working functionality of this bearing is to redirect the thrust load exerted on the shaft and not allow the shaft from falling in the axial direction.

How to assemble Thrust Ball Bearing?

  • The installation of the Thrust Ball Bearing is very easy. In order to fit this bearing in the required position. We have to first find the tight and the loose ring of the bearing, after this we have to figure out the static parts of the bearing. Finally, place the loose ringside on the end of the required part to successfully install the Thrust Ball Bearing.

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