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Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Angular Contact Ball Bearing is a gadget used to reduce friction between two moving and rotating surfaces. The use of Angular Contact Ball Bearings makes the machinery work faster. The Angular Contact is the best bearing to decrease the friction rate of a high-speed working machine and make it work more efficiently. These bearings are a type of Ball Bearings. Machinery starts to provide rapid and high-precision outputs with the installation of the Angular Contact Ball Bearing.

An Angular Contact Ball Bearing has a slightly different structure than other Ball Bearings. These angular ball bearings do not compensate messed-up working efficiency of the machinery. As in all ball bearings, it also has low friction.

angular contact ball bearing

Angular Contact Ball Bearing Metric Series:


What You Want to Know about Angular Contact Ball Bearing

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angular contact ball bearing lubricating

angular contact ball bearing lubricating

What is an angular contact ball bearing?

Angular Contact Ball Bearing is a high-quality gadget or part of a machine that helps in improving the movement of the machine with its rolling behavior. They reduce the friction in the machine and make it work better.

This ball bearing takes radial loads and higher axial loads. These bearings designs are to assist combined loads. A single row Angular Contact Ball Bearing is a type of Angular Contact Ball Bearing that can take in both radial load and axial load simultaneously acting on it. To prevent the axial load, these bearings get fit in pairs. The pairs formed are of three types:

  1. Face to Face Pair
  2. Tandem Pair

Back to Back Pair

Angular Contact Ball Bearing applications

Bearings are used to make machines efficient. Angular Contact Ball Bearings are used as a friction-reducing agents in numerous machinery in different fields for frictionless working and production. There are many applications in which this bearing is used, especially in high-speed applications.


There are three types of Angular Contact Ball Bearings:

  1. Single Row Bearing

The Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings is applicable in metal rolling bills to rotate the rollers with minimum effort. These bearings are used in pumping and compressing machines. They are used in automotive hubs for proper and peaceful drives. These bearings are in electric motors and generators.

  1. Double Raw Bearing

Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing contains two rows of rolling elements. This Angular Contact Bearing looks like two bearings mounted together.

The Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings are applicable in Centrifugal Pumps to support the hydraulic loads imposed on them. These bearings are used in electric motors, blowers, and fans to rotate them with a minimum rate of friction effect. The transmissions or Gearboxes also require these bearings for efficient performance.

  1. Four Point Contact Bearing

A Four Point Angular Contact Ball Bearing simplifies the design of the machine by handling radial, thrust, and moment loads simultaneously.

The Four Point Angular Contact Ball Bearing is used to make slow and moderate speed machinery work fast and efficiently. These angular contact ball bearings are used where oscillatory motion is little dominant.

How does angular contact ball bearing work?

The working of the angular contact ball bearing is simple. The bearing is made of two ring raceways; inner and outer ring raceways. The rolling elements are spherical balls packed in between the set of raceways.

In these bearings, there is an angle between balls and the raceways formed by the axis of the bearing. That angle is called Contact Angle, and it’s usually between 0 to 45 degrees.

Advantages and disadvantages of angular contact ball bearing


    The advantages of Angular Contact Ball Bearing is that: They have


    • The dependency of the Contact Angleton various factors affects the working of the bearing.

    Requires a lot of attention and care during installation and working.

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