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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep Groove Ball Bearings are the most commonly used type of bearing all over the world. The Deep Groove Ball Bearing is a type of Ball BearingDeep Groove Ball Bearings are the most used ball bearings in the world. These are rolling bearings to decrease the rate of friction between two moving surfaces and increase the working efficiency.

As Deep Groove Ball Bearing is the type of Ball Bearings, it endures both radial and axial load. The structure and working functionality of the Deep Groove Bearing are the same as Ball Bearing. The two rings pack the rolling elements between themselves. The rolling elements are the spherical balls pack in between a steel plate wave cage. When the bearing starts to move with the movement of the shaft, the outer surface stays stationary, and the inner surface rotates as in the Ball Bearings.

deep groove ball bearing

Deep Groove Ball Bearing Metric Series:


What You Want to Know about Deep Groove Ball Bearing

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inspecting every single piece of groove ball bearing

inspecting every single piece of groove ball bearing

What is Deep Groove Ball Bearing?

Deep Groove Ball Bearing is the major representative type of bearings. It is a friction-reducing gadget that makes machines more and more efficient. These bearings can go through both radial loads and axial loads. The radial load is the maximum force applied from a radial direction on the shaft. The axial load is the maximum force applied on the shaft in an axial direction.

These ball bearings make the lowest vibration or noise compared to any other ball bearing. That is why these rolling bearings have high rotational speed, and they are the most preferred ones among all.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings are the perfect option for a machine that gets pressure from both radial and axial loads. Bushing MFG has the best catalog of Deep Groove Ball Bearings in their wide range of ball bearings.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing Applications

Deep Groove Ball Bearing is the bearing that operates and moves with high speed. They can also bear both radial and axial loads. The rolling balls in these bearings are more stable than any ball bearing. Due to these qualities of the Deep Groove Bearings, they are in every mechanical field and different machinery.

In the industrial sector, these ball bearings are in conveyer belts, power tools, electric motors, gearboxes, pumps, compressors, transmissions, and some office automation. These bearings are in automotive devices like automation controllers, alternators and starters, cooling fans, wheels of vehicles, and ABS Motors. These ball bearings are also in water suction pumps at our homes.

How does Deep Groove Ball Bearing works?

The structure of the Deep Groove Ball Bearing resembles the ball bearing like other types of ball bearings, and the working of the Deep Groove Bearing is simple. This bearing is based on two rings. An inner one is called the Inner Ring that moves with the movement of surfaces. An outer one called the Outer Ring remains stationary. The rolling elements are the spherical balls packed in between a steel plate wave cage. These rolling balls are arranged in rows.


There are 4 types of Deep Groove Ball Bearing based on the rolling elements and their rows.

  • Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings (The bearing contains only one row of rolling balls)
  • Single row deep groove ball bearings with filling slots
  • Stainless steel deep groove ball bearings (The rolling balls are made of stainless steel materials)
  • Double Row design Deep Groove Ball Bearing (This ball bearing contains two rows of rolling balls)

How does Deep Groove Ball Bearing works?


Besides reducing friction and increasing the efficiency of machines, the following are the advantages of Deep Groove Ball Bearings.

  • They are durable for a long period.
  • No maintenance is required.
  • Best for high-speed projects.
  • Easy to use with a simple structure.


  • Cause noises and vibrations
  • Cannot bear the impact of a large amount of load.
  • Heavy load bearing and extremely high speed performing life are short.
  • Expensive as compared to Roller Bearings

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