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Bronze Bushings

The bronze bushings are self-lubricating. It has a high tendency to carry heavy loads, It performs better than the other bushings due to its wear resistance and high potential.

Bushing MFG is your most reliable shop for all of your bronze bush requirements. We work with clients all across the world, Our customers have become prospective long-term clients because of our low prices, effective before and after-sales services.

Our talented team contributes innovative and cutting-edge ideas to our product line. You can also order products that are tailored to your company’s requirements.

Grow with Bushing MGF – The Best Bronze Bushings Manufacturer in China

Many manufacturing industries face the problems of wear and tear in the bushings. To overcome this problem, Bushing MFG provides us with ultimate game-changing solutions.

Bushing MFG manufactures bronze bushings that have high wear and tear resistance.

They are designed to survive longer in severe weather conditions.

Besides bronze, Bushing MFG also uses various kinds of bronze metal alloys, brass, graphite, or carbon graphite, to make different bronze bushings.

Bushing MFG is recognized all over the world for its unique work. Our team of professionals is always ready to assist the client 24 by seven a day.

The behavior of our company is very delicate towards the clients. We make sure that our client is satisfied with our services.

Bushing MFG gives product samples to the customers for having a check-in what they are buying.

We believe in truth and do not deceive our customers. Bushing MFG does not focus only on manufacturing its products. It listens to what the customers say.

You can personalize your product. Give us samples of what you want, and our team will make a masterpiece out of them.

If you have any queries left or want to visit our company, you are free to contact us.

We will make sure you get an early quote for the meeting. In this way, you’ll be able to get your desired product in less time.

We offer other products, such as bimetal bearings, sintered bushings, polymer bushings, and wrapped bronze bushing.

Bronze Graphite Bush

Bronze Graphite Bush

Bronze Graphite bushes are oil-impregnated bronze bushings that are easy to replace and install and suited for high dust environments, These apply to the metallurgical industry, forging industry, and automobiles.

Linear Bronze Bushing

Linear Bronze Bushing

These bronze bushings apply to mining operations, paper mills, oil fields, marine industry, steel, electrical, construction machinery, various kinds of professional machinery.

PTFE Bronze backed Bush

PTFE Bronze backed Bush

PTFE Bronze backed Bush are steel-backed bronze bushing which is high-quality bushes used in printing machines, woven machines, tobacco and gymnastic machinery, pneumatic cylinder, etc.

Sintered Bronze Bush

Sintered Bronze Bush

sintered bronze bushing is used in building material shops, manufacturing plants, machinery repair industries.

Solid Bronze Bushing

Solid Bronze Bushing

Solid bronze bushings and bronze sleeve bearings are mainly applied in manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, and farms.

Customized Bronze Bushings

Customized Bronze Bushings

You can order your customized bronze bushings. You can also alter the design of the above-listed bushes. We can create your sleeve bearings in variable sizes, designs, and materials.

Bronze Bushings – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Bushing MFG has taken over the bearing market for quite a few years.

They serve a great deal to the industries with their high performance and self-lubricating bronze bushings.

If you are new, you must read the article as it may influence you to buy bronze bushings as your start-up business.

Let’s dwell on the details of the bronze bearings.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Bronze Bushings?

Bronze bushing exists in a variety of alloys and compositions. It is a versatile material and widely used for bushings.

Unlike brass bushings, which are softer and more easily deformed, bronze bushings or bronze bearings are durable and robust.

As a result, bronze bushings last longer than brass bushing. They can withstand shock and impact, as well as wear and corrosion.

Bushing MFG manufactures bronze bushings that are self-lubricating and prevent friction and damage.

They do not require an external lubricant, such as grease or oil, during installation and operation.

Bronze Bushings

Bronze Bushings

2. What Are the Applications of Bronze Bushings?

Bushing MFG serve various industries with its high grade bronze bushings.

You can use our self lubricating bronze bushings in the following ways.

  • Iron and steel manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Injection molding
  • Automotive machines
  • Earthmoving machinery
  • Pumps and other industries in low-speed, high-load, and severe-duty industrial applications and machinery.

Wherever you use these bronze bushings, Bushing MFG will always be at your side.

Bronze Bushings in Heavy Machinery

Bronze Bushings in Heavy Machinery

3. What Is the Difference between Bronze and Plastic Bushings?

Plastic and bronze each have their own set of traits and benefits.

However, there are specific differences that you must go through for better understanding.

Plastic Bushings

Plastic bushings are employed in a variety of industries, including

  • Agricultural
  • Medical
  • Machine applications
  • Fitness equipment
  • Lawnmowers
  • Food processing gear
  • Pumps and valves

These bushings are produced quickly and cheaply.

Opting for plastic versus metal may save you money depending on the type of plastic you choose.

Plastic bushings have a predictable damage rate, so you may use a test database to evaluate the service life of an application correctly.

You can precisely establish their service life span and replace them before they fail, knowing that you used them for the maximum amount of time possible.

As a result, there will be less guesswork, fewer errors, and you will save more time and money.

Plastic bushings are corrosion and chemical resistant, as well as self-lubricating, so there’s no need to use grease!

If you think plastic can’t take the heat, you’ll be astonished to learn that these bushings can tolerate temperatures as high as 900°F for brief periods.

They can work in temperatures as high as 482°F for extended periods.

Plastic Bushings

Plastic Bushings

Bronze Bushings

Bronze is a common choice for bushings because it comes in a variety of alloys and compositions. It allows it to be used in a broader range of applications.

Bronze bushings are more durable than other materials and are less likely to crack or distort.

Bronze bearings, like plastic, are long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. As previously said, their strength allows them to withstand a collision.

Bronze bushings are used in a variety of low-speed, high-load, and high-speed, low-load industrial applications, such as:

  • Manufacturing of iron and steel
  • Processing of food
  • Valves and automobiles

Depending on the type of oil, these oil-impregnated bronze bushings can be utilized at high and low speeds and high and low temperatures.

Sintered bronze is also employed in applications where food-grade quality is required.

Bushing MFG is your reliable source of getting bronze bushings. We are professionals working according to the latest technological trends.

You can always send your queries at Bushing MFG.

Bronze Bearings

Bronze Bearings

4. What Is the Difference between Bi-Metal and Bronze Bushings?

Heavy trucks and other automobiles use bi-metal bushings.

Bimetal bushings have the most potent bushing capacity.

In industrial outdoor applications and aquatic, marine, and offshore settings, bimetal bushings and bearings provide high corrosion resistance.

On the other hand, bronze bushings are used in food machinery, beverage, and other appliances.

Bronze bushings have a load capacity slightly less than bimetal bushings.

5. Is Bronze Bushing Self-Lubricating?

At Bushing MFG, a self-lubricated bronze bearing is impregnated with lubrication that will be wrought out of the material when needed.

It eliminates the need for personnel to spend extra time lubricating the bearings themselves.

Let’s take a closer look at the more detailed performance of our self-lubricated bronze bushings.

Improper lubrication is one of the most common causes of bearing failure in industrial applications.

It means that bushings aren’t being adequately lubricated. It allows stress to build up as a result of constant force and friction.

This stress and friction cause a bushing failure, which may be a pain in the neck at best and a productivity killer at worst.

It has sparked an industry-wide panic, with workers feverishly lubricating every bearing, whether or not they need to.

Furthermore, it inevitably led Bushing MFG to a breakthrough in technology and a solution to a problem: the self-lubricating bronze bearing.

Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings

Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings

Difference between Lubricated and Non-Lubricated Bronze Bushings

Self-lubricated bronze bearings at bushing MFG have the same appearance as non-lubricated bronze bearings.

When comparing the two, the difference is on a more technical level.

The metallic components that make up the self-lubricating bronze bearing have a porosity rate of about 25%.

The liquid may be moved more efficiently when the porosity rate is high. Here’s where self-lubrication comes in handy.

Experts at Bushing MFG infuse a unique oil in the bronze bearings at the time of manufacturing.

When the bearing is in use, it secretes this lubricant spontaneously.

Manual lubrication is not required for these sorts of bearings and may degrade the metal’s quality.

Some Advantages

There are some advantages of self-lubricating bronze bushings manufactured at bushing MFG which are as under.

  • Wear resistance is good, the friction coefficient is low, and the service life is long.
  • With the correct load capacity, the stress can be distributed over a larger contact area, increasing bushing capacity.
  • The static and dynamic friction coefficients are near, ensuring the machine’s operational accuracy.
  • Can decrease vibration, reduce noise, avoid pollution, and improve working conditions in machines.
  • To protect the grinding shaft, a transfer film might be formed throughout the operation.
  • The hardness requirements for grinding shafts are minimal, which reduces the processing difficulty of associated parts.

You can reduce the mechanical volume by using a thin-walled, lightweight structure.

Oilless Bronze Bearings

Oilless Bronze Bearings

6. What Are Cast and Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings?

Bushing MFG prefers bronze bushings in general because of their durability and resistance.

However, there are considerable distinctions between cast bronze bushings and self lubricating bronze bushings.

While these component types are comparable in many respects, they are made using completely separate procedures, which result in differing physical features.

Powder metal is used to make self lubricating bronze bushings, whereas typical machining procedures are used to make cast bronze bushings.

Understanding how this distinction influences the end product is essential because one type may be better suited to your needs than the other.

Cast Bushings

  • Cast bronze bushings, unlike self-lubricating bushings, are not made of powder.
  • Instead, they’re made from a solid or hollow bronze cast bar that goes through a series of machining procedures to obtain the desired final shape.
  • The bronze is the first cast into a solid or hollow bar, either continuously or centrifugally.
  • Although manufacturers may use alternative machining processes for forming or finishing the bushing, most modern producers employ a CNC lathe to cut the cast bar to its final size.
  • Cast bronze bushings are not made from powder. They have a more refined grain structure and thus a higher degree of strength.
  • Under compressive strain cast, bronze bushings are also more substantial, more robust, and more trustworthy.
  • Cast bushings are an excellent alternative for applications demanding greater weights because of this combination of features.

A cast bronze bushing of equal size would not endure the same forces as a sintered bronze bushing.

Cast Bushings

Cast Bushings

Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushing

  • The ability of bronze bushings to self-lubricate distinguishes them from cast bushings. This feature is because of the powder metallurgy process.
  • Moreover, Gravity feeds bronze powder into a die fitted with the proper bushing size. The powder is then pushed together to join the powder particles.
  • In a furnace, the powder particles in part are fused. The temperature in the furnace is just high enough to allow the particles to bind without melting the metal.
  • The key to self-lubricating is the sintering procedure. Sintering reduces the porosity of the product. It is done by bonding the powder particles together, but producers may control the degree to which this happens.
  • The final porosity of oil-impregnated bronze bushings is kept at roughly 25%. It implies that there are still microscopic, interconnected capillaries woven throughout the material.
  • The bushing is pressed to the requisite tolerances using a calibrated set of tools to complete the production process. Following that, the bushing is vacuum impregnated, forcing oil into the linked porosity.

Powder metallurgy was created as a cost-effective alternative to traditional machining, and it continues to be one of the most cost-effective options available.

It is one of the most efficient high-volume production techniques in most circumstances, resulting in cost savings for the consumer.

Lubricants and routine maintenance are also eliminated with self-lubrication.

Self-lubricating bushings started as an automobile component, but they’ve since found their way into various other sectors.

At Bushing MFG, self lubricating bronze bushings are excellent for low-to-moderate loads, but they can withstand high-velocity loads better than many other options.

High Weight Carrying Bearings

High Weight Carrying Bearings

7. Do Bronze Bushings Need Greasing?

Lubrication is a material requirement for classic bushing materials such as bronze.

In almost every application, bronze bushings require some form of lubrication to reduce friction. While oil is occasionally utilized, grease is necessary for the majority of applications.

 In either case, this substance not only necessitates routine maintenance and cleaning but can also act as a magnet for impurities such as dust and particulate matter, reducing machine longevity.

Although specific bronze bearings are infused with oil to provide “self-lubrication,” these designs do not eliminate the necessity for cleaning.

Bronze bushings created by Bushing MFG are completely self-lubricated. They require no external oil for working.

8. What Type of Bronze Is Used for Bushing?

The bronze bushings or solid bushings at MFG are almost alike. They are made up of only one material or alloy.

There is no sliding or supporting layer here, as there is with solid plastic bushings.

All metal alloys have limited applicability as sliding materials in common.

It is critical for any solid bushings that are constantly subjected to stress in conjunction with metallic shafts. By delivering lubricants, it is possible to offer to cool and reduce friction.

The various metal combinations are versatile not only for primary metals but for their selections and varieties. These metals can be employed in multiple quantities.

The following are common bronze bushing materials and their applications.

Oil-less bushings are bronze bushings that have been treated with oil and manufactured via powder metallurgy. 

  • High and low-speed machinery, high and low-temperature machinery, and food-grade applications are all possible depending on the type of oil utilized.
  • Usually a bronze alloy with tin, aluminum, or silicon, copper has strong corrosion resistance, making it excellent for marine applications.
  • Tin bronzes rely primarily on tin for strength.
  • leaded tin bronzes also contain small amounts of lead for better anti-frictional properties
  • At the expense of some strength, high-leaded tin bronzes have the highest lubricity but the lowest strength.
  • Aluminum bronzes and manganese bronzes are used for applications that require extremely high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Each bronze type has comparable qualities, with variances allowing for selection depending on cost or the need to adapt alloys for specific uses.

Properties of Bronze

  • Red bronze is the most prevalent and cost-effective simple bearing alloy.
  • It has good emergency functioning characteristics, as well as adequate wear resistance under medium loads.
  • Unhardened shafts and light edge pressure are also suitable.
  • It is a rigid bearing material with excellent gliding characteristics and wears resistance mainly when significant surface pressures and collisions co-occur.
  • It has excellent gliding characteristics, strong wear resistance, and heat resistance.
  • With the self-lubricating ability and with reinforced shafts, it can handle high speeds and weights.
  • Especially well-suited to thin-walled bushings.

Bronze or comparable alloy bushings like most metallic bushings have stronger mechanical strength and PV values.

That’s why Bushing MFG manufactures bronze bushings in bulk.

Bronze Bearing Bushing

Bronze Bearing Bushing

9. In How Many Sizes Are Bronze Bushings Available?

Bushing MFG manufactures bronze bushings in various sizes and materials, including metal, plastic composites, and a combination of both.

Some products require oversized bushings, and some require small.

Bushing MFG keeps in consideration the changing trends and manufactures all the sizes you need.

Bushings are not bigger than several inches. The standard size is from 0.7 to 3 inches.

Bronze bushings have been available in standard inch diameters for many years. Throughout the business, these standard sizes were well-known.

Manufacturers created various pieces per industry norms. There were several benefits to this, the most important of which were decreased costs and the availability of replacement components.

At Bushing MFG, our self-lubricating bronze bushing range comes in metric standard sizes.

Our customers frequently request this type of product with a short lead time. Most of our in-stock items can be dispatched the same day.

Requests for cast bronze metric sleeves are fulfilled. This product type typically has a lead time of a week.

Bronze Bushings Sizes

Bronze Bushings Sizes

10. Who Is the Best Bronze Bushing Manufacturer in China?

When talking about the best bushing manufacturers in China, Bushing MFG is second to none.

It is an internationally recognized brand with ISO 9001-2015 and other legal business certificates.

It has satisfied a lot of foreign and native customers all over the world.

You can entirely rely upon Bushing MFG for any assistance. It can also help you find the best manufacturer around you.

Moreover, Bushing MFG has a large capacity to produce bronze bushings. We can make thousands of pieces in a single day.

We have an automated manufacturing system, so you will always get enough bronze bushings even in the peak season.

We can also provide you with free bronze bushing samples to check the quality before placing the order.

You will also get pictures and detailed videos of each product.

11. Can I Get Customized Bronze Bearings?

Yes, you can get customized bronze bearings as per your requirement.

Bushing MFG manufactures all types of self-lubricated bearings at a fast pace.

All the products are technologically advanced and manufactured with good material.

Bushing MFG has been the best manufacturer of bronze bushings for years. We are professional bushing manufacturers and supply you with the best material.

To get customized bronze bushings, you need to share the design, qualities, material, and size of your bronze bushing, and you’ll get a customized order within a week.

Customized Bronze Bearings

Customized Bronze Bearings

12. Where and How to Buy Bronze Bushings?

It’s not uncommon to find a bronze bushing that has been performing admirably for decades, even under extreme operating conditions.

A well-designed and well-maintained bronze bearing can outlast the equipment it serves.

It is not difficult to achieve such performance, but it necessitates sound design, the proper bearing material, precise manufacturing, and, as with any mechanical equipment, regular maintenance.

It would be best if you kept in mind the following things while buying the bronze bushings.


Bronze is undoubtedly the most diverse class of bushing materials, with a wide range of qualities available thanks to a variety of alloys and compositions.

Understanding the service environment, planning for optimum lubrication, and selecting the optimal bearing material for the job are the three critical parts of a suitable bearing design.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of accurately estimating predicted service circumstances; it is the foundation for all future decisions.

It’s just as crucial to design, or at the very least, recognize the bearing’s lubrication mode. The mode can be set by design in some cases, but operating conditions often determine it.

Finally, the bearing material chosen must be appropriate for both the operating environment and the service environment.

Bronze bushings have a wide range of qualities, making material selection easier and ensuring that the alloy chosen will provide the best bearing performance.

Operating Condition

Knowing or accurately predicting service conditions is the most crucial criterion for ensuring optimum bearing performance.

The following are the significant factors to consider:

  • Load, stability, and impact
  • Oscillating motion, i.e., less than full revolutions, at design load
  • Corrosive conditions
  • Lubricants and dirty environments
  • Temperature, frequent starts and stops
  • A lubricant supply that is suspect or unreliable
  • Misalignment of the shaft or journal
  • Bearing vs. shaft hardness differential

Whether low or high, extreme load, speed, or temperature in combination, are challenging to deal with. That’s why you should lay focus on the excellent design of your bronze bushing.


Following the definition of the bearing’s working circumstances, you must determine the in-service lubrication mode, hydrodynamic boundary, or mixed film lubrication.

Low Friction

Hydrodynamic or full-film operation is the mode that has the least friction and damage. A constant coating of oil in the eccentric gap between shaft and bearing entirely separates the bearing from the shaft (Journal) in this mode.

Because of the relative motion between the bearing and the journal, the oil is under hydrodynamic pressure.

After ensuring all these factors in your bronze bushings, you can buy your bronze bushings from a trusted manufacturer.

Bushing MFG is, however, the best bearing and bushing manufacturer. It manufactures all the bearing parts and bushings of any material.

You can freely contact us for your required product.

High Grade Bronze Bearings

High Grade Bronze Bearings

13. What Is the Price of Bronze Bearings?

The price of the bronze bearing depends on the location you buy. It also depends upon the features and specifications you include in them.

If you buy the bronze bearings in bulk, it’ll cost you several dollars at Bushing MFG. However, the cost per piece is no more than 1-2US dollars.

14. What Is the Load Carrying Capacity of Bronze Bearing?

Typically, bushing load is calculated by dividing the tremendous load applied by the bushing’s pressure-supporting area.

In the case of a cylindrical bushing, the pressure supporting area is defined as the projected loading area in contact with the shaft, projected in the load direction.

Self lubricating bronze bushings have a built-in lubricant that provides high lubricity to the sliding surface.

Due to the strong coating of solid lubricant covering the sliding surface, the self-lubricating bronze bushing, in particular, has a high load-carrying capacity and outstanding performance in intermittent operations with high loads.

15. What Are the Advantages of Using Bronze Bushings?

Bronze Bushings have a wide range of advantages, including

  • Strength, flexibility, hardness, wear resistance, anti-seizing capabilities, low friction, and the ability to conform to imperfections.
  • It can withstand filthy operating conditions and polluted lubricants.
  • Bearing bronzes have better corrosion resistance than other bearing materials and can be chosen to suit specific environmental conditions.
  • Bronzes provide for simple and cost-effective manufacturing, allowing bearings to be created in unique and customized configurations.
  • Leaded and high-leaded bearing bronzes are the most machinable of all bearing metals.
  • Bronze bushings can be used in any application so far.

If you have any queries or would like more information regarding the bronze bushings, you can contact Bushing MFG right now for getting an instant quote for your next bronze self-lubricating bushings order!

Bronze Self-Lubricating Bushings

Bronze Self-Lubricating Bushings

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