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Sleeve Bearing

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
  • Self-lubricating Bearings
  • Various Materials
  • Low MOQ and Customizable

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Bushing MFG accepts orders for any type of sleeve bearing made from special materials or custom bushing with a minimum quantity required.

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Sleeve Bearing – Things to Know

What is a sleeve bearing?

A Sleeve bearing is a modified tube or pipe in which the inner surface is machined to the proper diameter for the shaft. They are also known as plain bearings, bushings, or journal bearings. These sleeve bearings are generally self-lubricating to ensure a smooth sliding action and continuous operation.

Considered simple and effective pipes, sleeve bearings have a surface and a mating component that ensure linear or seamless rotational movement between the two parts. The low coefficient friction slashes here and offers exceptional wear resistance.

sleeve bearing

Self Lube Sleeve Bearing

What is a sleeve bearing used for?

Sleeve bearings can be used in various applications. They are also low in cost and are relatively maintenance-free. Some of uses for sleeve bearings include the following:

  • Facilitating motion between two components
  • Absorbing friction
  • Cutting down vibration

These bearings can be easily used in heavy-duty applications such as transmission shafts, electric motors, lift and tilt devices for clevis joints for hydraulic cylinder pins and manufacturing as they have a high load capacity and temperatures tolerance with low wear and tear.

Additionally, the contact area has high shock load resistance which can compensate for misalignment of the other elements. Being light in weight and compact in size, these sleeve bearings are really easy to install.

What is the difference between sleeve bearing and ball bearing?

If you are looking for the differences between the ball and sleeve bearings, you should know that both of them are commonly used products but it is important to understand their uses to select the most suitable one for the job.

Sleeve bearings are more economical than ball bearings. However, their mountings and installations are limited to horizontal direction to cut down friction. Sleeve bearings work best at low temperatures i.e. below 70oC and have a short lifetime guarantee. Among the many merits, these bearings are comparatively quieter if the rotation is at low speed. If the application doesn’t have a longer life expectancy, these cheap bearings are ideal to work at low temperatures and low speeds.

On the other hand, ball bearings are more expensive than sleeve-bearing models. However, they can be mounted to any orientation. Also, the temperature range can exceed more than 70oC based on the model, increasing the life expectancy of the application by at least 50% to more than 50,000 hours. It should be noted, however, that they are noisy even at low speeds. Therefore, more lubrication is required to make them quieter.

Ball vs. Sleeve Bearings in a Glimpse

Ball Bearings

Sleeve Bearings

More expensive

Less expensive

Flexibility in mounting in any orientation

Installation only horizontal

High temperature > 70oC

Low temperature < 70oC

Longer life expectancy (over 50%)

Lower life expectancy

Louder at low speed

Quieter at low speed

Self-Lubricating Sleeve Bearings Manufacturer

Bushing MFG is a leading oilless bushing company located in China that offers self-lubricating bearing products for various kinds of industrial, mechanical, and engineering applications. Since 2006, Bushing MFG has been shipping parts to more than 30 countries in Europe and the Americas.

With over 15 years of deep cultivation in the oil-free bearing industry, we are the most trusted self-lubricating bearings manufacturer producing premium sliding bearings. These include PTFE, Polymer, Bimetal, Bronze, Graphite, Sintered, Flanged, and Wrapped bushings. We have a dedicated and skilled team of engineers that design bushings ensuring premium quality and as per the approved standards by TSI-16949, ISO 9001-2015, RoHS, SGS, TUV.

Having a vast range of self-lubricating bearings, you can enjoy the following benefits by buying bearings from us.

  • No additional fuel supply device
  • Slashed equipment downtime maintenance
  • Reduced bearing operating costs
  • Simplified design and mechanical construction
  • No grease or oil required
  • Operation in high temperatures from 230oC to 815oC
  • Functional both dry and submerged
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Chemical resistant
  • Outperformance of materials like plastics
  • Non-galling
  • FDA approved grades

Want to buy self-lubricating bearings? Reach out to us today. We’ll help you purchase the right size of bushing at the most affordable rates!

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