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Gear Bushing

  • Self Lube Transmission Gear Bushing
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
  • Various Materials
  • Low MOQ and Customizable

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Bushing MFG accepts orders for any type of gear bushing made from special materials or custom bushing with a minimum quantity required.

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Gear Bushing – Things to Know

What is a Gear Bushing?

A gear bushing, also known as a gear shifter bushing, is a specially designed bushing that is used in transmission parts. These are used in every kind of transmission and are crucial to the proper functioning of any drivetrain. They work in tandem with the rest of the parts in transmission to ensure efficient functionality. Using higher-quality transmission bushings can extend the life of transmission by protecting the rest of the parts surrounding the transmission bushing. A gear shifter bushing is also commonly known as transmission bushing.

transmission gear bushing

Transmission Gear Bushing

Is There a Difference Between a Gear Bushing and a Transmission Bushing?

There is no difference between gear bushings and transmission bushings. They are both just names used to describe the bushings used in a manual transmission. Both types of bushings are used to connect the vehicle’s gearbox to the shifter, and can be made of the exact same materials.

How does a Gear Bushing Function in Manual Transmissions?

Gear bushings are an important element to the functioning of transmission, and a vehicle as a whole. Without properly functioning gear bushings, the vehicle will not move. Gear bushings in a manual transmission vehicle connect the transmission shift cable to the transmission linkages, which is what puts the car in gear and enables it to move. If the vehicle has a broken gear bushing, it is possible that the vehicle will never shift into gear or out of gear, leaving the vehicle completely useless until the gear bushings are replaced.

Gear Shifter Bushing Replacement Cost

Gear shifter bushings costs between $10-$15 to replace. This makes them a very cost-effective and affordable part to replace in a vehicle. Because of their low cost, vehicle owners often replace them before they are actually broken because upgrading them can extend the overall life of the vehicle. Self-lubricating bushings are a great choice for vehicle owners that want to enhance the performance of their transmission.

Gear Shifter Bushing Kit

Gear shifter bushing kits, also known as shift linkage replacement kits, are a common way to buy gear shifter bushings with the intention of replacing them yourself. Gear shifter bushing kits usually provide the tools and the parts necessary to replace the gear bushings on your own. This can save significant costs that would be paid to a mechanic otherwise. When you buy a gear shifter bushing kit, you should be sure to carefully select the right size and material that you need for your application.

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