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Brass Bushing

A brass bushing also called brass sleeve bushing is made of brass and is a component of the pivot. The brass bushing is installed at the base of the shaft to bear against the body.

The brass bushing protects the body from damage that may be caused by impact loads or other forces that are transferred through the shaft.

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Brass Bushing – Ultimate FAQs Guide

What are brass bushings used for?

Brass makes an excellent metal for bushings due to its flexibility and moldability while still remaining a hard metal. Furthermore, it does not bind to steel. Brass bushing varies by size as they can fit thick walls, thin walls, flanged, sintered, and cylindrical.  Brass Bushings can be used for a variety of purposes including Water Pump Bushings, Electric Motors, and Slide Bearings.

Water Pump Bushings

Most car engines have a water pump with a brass bushing in the main shaft. It is useful due to the brasses’ anti-rust and anti-friction properties.

Electric Motors

Brass can also be used in electric motors on both sides of the armature. Its purpose is to support the motor shaft. It’s perfect for the engine because the brass is cheap, it is anti-friction, and the metal is very easy to produce.

Slide Bearings

Some machine shafts slide rather than rotate. Brass bushing is used in these types of mechanisms.

A few other examples of where you can find bushings are in fishing reels, stage lights, printer rollers, ATMs, escalators, and surveillance systems.

What are the main types of brass bushing?

Sleeve Bearing

Also known as a brass bushing sleeve, these bearings are used for movement between two parts whose purpose is to limit friction and any potential vibration. An important feature is that they can withstand high temperatures and are self-lubricating.

Flange Bearing

The purpose of flanged brass bushings is to allow rotation within a contained area. One is bolted inside a housing unit while the other is not attached. They are best used for lighter-duty jobs.

Thrust Bearing

Thrust bearings are also called thrust washers and they are for rotation needs. They rotate along moving parts.

brass bushing

Brass Bushing

What is different between brass or bronze?

First, the similarities between brass bearings and bronze bearings are that they are both metal alloys, meaning that they are made out of two or more metals. Brass bushing material consists of zinc and copper and bronze is composed of tin and copper.

Brass is also a lighter yellow in color while Bronze portrays warmer, reddish tones. Bronze bushings are very durable and will last through heavy impact and corrosion. However, it is important to note that these bronze bushings require an external lubricant.

Where can you find self-lubricating brass bushings?

Our company produces some of the most customizable self lubricating brass bushings in the world. The best part is that they are all oilless bearings, large or small brass bushings is available

Bushing MFG is a known and trusted major supplier of self-lubricating brass bushings as well as all other types of bushings that has been in business with companies all over the world for over 20 years.

The standard size is .7 to 3 inches, however, we can make customized bushings to meet the customer’s needs, changing size and weight to match the customer’s custom design.

For more information about pricing and delivery times, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated sales team!

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