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Slide Bearing

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
  • Oilless Slide Bearing
  • Various Materials
  • Low MOQ and Customizable

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Bushing MFG accepts orders for any type of slide bearing made from special materials or custom bushing with a minimum quantity required.

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Slide Bearing – All Info in Here

What are Slide Bearings?

Slide bearing is a broad name for the kinds of bearings that are generally used to reduce friction between moving surfaces. These surfaces may be sliding, rotating, pivoting, reciprocating, or twisting. Slide bearings can also be called fluid-film bearings, sleeve bearings, friction bearings, journal bearings, and bushings. Slide bearings aren’t new: in fact, they are one of the oldest types of bearings around.

oilless slide bearing

oilless slide bearing

What are Sliding Bearings Used For?

Slide bearings are used for many things, as their ability to safely manage large weights and loads makes them handy in many different applications. However, there are two applications that are the most common. They are in constriction applications and in precision tooling. In addition to large industrial applications, slide bearings can be used for smaller, lower load projects like drawers and filing cabinets.

How do Slide Bearings Work?

Slide bearings work by conducting a smooth sliding motion that transforms high-weight applications into smooth and easy tasks. The lubricated nature of the bearing and its sturdy construction provide the means necessary for large weights and amounts of force to be safely moved and handled. Much like the tracks for drawers on a dresser or nightstand but on an industrial scale, these bearings allow sliding motions within a contained and controlled range of motion.

What Materials are Slide Bearing Made of?

Slide bearings come in all shapes and sizes depending on their intended use, but they are generally made of three different kinds of materials: polymers, graphite, or metals. Metal slide bearings are typically made out of bronze or other copper alloys, which can include any combination of tin, lead, copper, steel, and more. Bearings made with graphite are commonly referred to as carbon insert bearings, as the carbonic graphite is used as an inserted shaft lubricant. This is most common when the application of the bearing is too strenuous for traditional metals.

The third type of slide bearings, polymer bearings, are made of PFTE and metal. Their polymer based nature allows for them to work longer without the need for maintenance, and they are less likely to corrode when in contact with corrosive materials. PFTE self-lubricating slide bearings are one of our best-selling products at Bushing MFG due to their long life and low need for maintenance.

What are the Advantages of PFTE Self-Lubricating Slide Bearings?

  1. Little to no maintenance:When you use bearings that are made out of polymer, you will probably not need to worry about them for a very long time. They are highly resistant to normal contagions like dust and dirt, and if you buy good quality polymer bearings, you may not need to ever buy bearings again.

  2. Resistant to corrosive materials:Simple science will tell you that metals are very likely to corrode when they come in contact with certain materials. While some metals, like stainless steel, are less prone to corrosion, they are still not fully immune and will eventually break down. Polymer bearings are significantly less prone to any kind of corrosion.


  1. Very low cost:Polymer is plastic. Plastic is cheap. It’s as simple as that! When you opt for polymer bearings you can expect to save over 20% on the cost of your bearings.

No lubrication necessary: Polymer bearings are especially known for their self-lubricating qualities, as plastic requires significantly less lubrication than metal and the plastic can lubricate itself naturally. By using polymer bearings, you get rid of the need to spend time and money applying sticky and dirty lubrication.

Are Self-Lubricating Slide Bearings Customizable?

Bushing MFG manufactures some of the highest quality self-lubricating slide bearings in the world, and they are very customizable. To customize your self-lubricating slide bearings, reach out to our dedicated sales team with a design. The standard size is .7 to 3 inches, however, we can make customized bushings to meet the customer’s needs, changing size and weight to match the customer’s custom design.

Why Should I Buy Self-Lubricating Slide Bearings from Bushing MFG?

Bushing MFG is a known and trusted major supplier of self-lubricating slide bearings as well as all other types of bushings. We have been in business with companies all over the world for over 20 years. We work especially closely with customers in Europe and the Americas. For more information about pricing and delivery times, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated sales team!

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