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PTFE & POM Composite Bushing

pom composite bushing

A composite bushing is a type of composite sleeve bearings that uses both materials of metal and plastic to provide the best possible performance. It’s an ideal solution for applications where you need high-performance, but don’t want to compromise on cost or weight. Composite bushings are used in automotive, aerospace, marine, and industrial equipment. They can be found in everything from power steering pumps to aircraft landing gear systems.

The benefits of using composite bushings are that they are lighter than solid metal bushings, they last longer because they are self-lubricating bushing, and they can absorb shock better than most other options.

Select Types Of Composite Bushing:

POM Type:

pom composite bushing

POM Composite Bushing

PTFE Type:

ptfe composite bushing

PTFE Composite Bushing

Polymer Type:

polymer composite bushings

Polymer Composite Bushing

Plastic Type:

plastic bushing

Plastic Bushings

Cylindrical, Thrust Washers and Strips Of Composite Bushing:

flanged sleeve bearing

Composite Bushing Things To Know:

What is POM Bushing?

POM bushings are POM composite bushing are the perfect solution for a way to reduce noise and vibration in your machine! They’re an inexpensive, easy-to-install way to reduce noise and vibration. Our composite bushing is made from a lightweight, high-strength material that absorbs vibrations better than metal or rubber. This makes it the ideal choice for reducing wear on bearings, gears, shafts, and other components of machinery. It also reduces heat buildup caused by friction which can extend bearing life up to three times longer than traditional materials like steel or bronze.

What is PTFE Composite Bushings?

PTFE composite bushing is a type of bushing that has been made by using two different materials – one being metal and the other being Teflon (PTFE).

The purpose of these bushings is to reduce friction between moving parts inside an engine or machine.

These types of bushings can also be used as bearings in certain applications where they need to rotate freely without any resistance at all.

This material could actually increase the life-cycle of machines because there would be less wear and tear on them due to reduced friction levels within their components. It took many years before engineers were able to figure out how best to implement this new technology into their designs but now we have various ways that we can utilize these types of bushings which include both static and dynamic applications alike.

Bushing MFG is the company that manufacture custom products with these types of materials specifically for customers who have very specific needs when it comes down to reducing friction within their own machines or engines so if you think you might benefit from having something like this installed

Composite Bushing VS Bronze

Composite bushings offer the best of both worlds – they’re strong, lightweight, and last longer than traditional bushing materials like bronze or plastic. They can be used in applications where metal is too heavy but plastic isn’t tough enough. And since they’re made from recycled material, they’re also environmentally friendly!

The Best Composite Bushing Supplier In China

Bushing MFG is professional self-lubricating bearings in China, Our bushings are available in many different sizes and shapes so they can fit any application. We also offer custom solutions if you need something special or unique. Composite bushings are the perfect solution for anyone who wants their equipment to last longer with less maintenance required over time. Talk to us today!

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