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Shaft Bushing

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Bushing MFG accepts orders for any type of shaft bushing made from special materials or custom bushing with a minimum quantity required.

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Shaft Bushing – Things to Know

What is a shaft bushing?

Shaft bushings are bushings that are specially designed to work on moving shafts. Bushings are components that facilitate the easy movement of two connecting surfaces, and shaft bushings are bushing that are specially used on certain types of shafts. Their main role is to transfer loads and to mount devices directly onto shafts. They can come in different shapes and sizes depending on the shaft and the device that it is mounting.

Shaft Bushing Types

Shaft bushings come in a few different types, as the application they are used for varies based on the type of device that they are mounting and the type of shaft that they are mounting it on. Some of the most common shaft bushing types are the following:

  • Keyless
    • These are used to fasten shafts without any backlash. They work with small bearings and can be mounted to plain shafts without any real issues.
  • Quick Disconnect
    • This type of shaft bushing is extremely simple and easy to use. Quick disconnect bushings are easy to install and they usually are used to mount pulleys onto shafts.
  • Taper Locking
    • This type of shaft bushing uses a flangeless, threaded design that thrives in high-torque and flush-mounting applications.
  • Split Taper

This type of shaft bushing uses a double-barreled design to achieve the firmest possible grip on a shaft, reducing slippage.

Shaft Bushing Adaptor

Shaft bushing adaptors, also known as bore adaptors, are a special type of shaft bushing used to connect two shafts of a different gauge or bore. This type of bushing can be seen as a sort of connector that allows for the linkage of two very different-sized shafts. Without a shaft bushing adaptor, the two shafts that are connecting would need to be the exact same thickness. Shaft bushing adaptors provide more flexibility in terms of parts and applications.

Shaft Coupling

Shaft couplings are a special type of shaft bushing that is used to connect parts of a drivetrain. More specifically, shaft couplings are used to connect a driveshaft to a driven shaft, and there are special flanges and threads inside of the coupling to promote torque. Shaft couplings firmly grab both shafts of the drivetrain and transmit power very effectively while also allowing for mechanical flexibility in terms of design.

Shaft Sleeve

A shaft sleeve is a type of shaft bushing that is used for protective purposes. Shaft sleeves slide right on top of shafts and provide a second layer of protection on top of the valuable and vulnerable shaft. One of the most common uses for shaft sleeves is to protect shafts that are made of weaker metals. Some metals are highly susceptible to damage from corrosive substances and from water. Using a shaft sleeve that is made of a more durable metal is a safe way to protect the more vulnerable shaft. The less durable metals may be chosen for the shaft because of their low friction coefficients and their self-lubricating capabilities, and the shaft sleeves provide protection for them.

Split Bushing

Split bushings, commonly just referred to as split steel bushings, are a special type of shaft bushing used to reduce friction on a shaft. These bushings have a thin split or break in the cylinder which allows for easier installation. Split bushings are often used in place of traditional bushings because they require less lubrication, meaning less maintenance. They can be pre-lubricated and self-lubricated depending on the material that they are made of.

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