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Torque Converter Bushing

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
  • Self lubricating Torque Converter Pilot Bushing
  • Bronze / Brass Various Materials
  • 30 Series Low MOQ and Customizable

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Bushing MFG accepts orders for any type of torque converter bushing made from special materials or custom bushing with a minimum quantity required.

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Torque Converter Bushing – Things to Know

What is a Torque Converter Bushing?

Torque converter bushings are an important component in automatic transmissions, as they help the engine to come to a complete stop without stalling. Essentially, torque converter bushings are like transmission bushings in a manual transmission, except that they work without the use of a clutch. Thus, they work automatically, which is what gives their transmissions the name of automatic transmissions.

Torque converter bushings are connected to the flywheel, and enable the engine to run slightly while still fully hydraulically independent of the transmission. Their role is mostly to provide a reliable and safe means of shifting gears without the need of a driver-engaged clutch pedal.

torque convert bushing

torque convert bushing

What are the Signs of a Bad Torque Converter?

There are several signs of a bad torque converter. The first one is slipping. This is where the transmission slips out of gear errantly. It is the result of too much or too little transmission fluid on the torque converter. The second sign of a bad torque converter is overheating. If your car’s temperature gauge signals that the engine’s temperature is too high, your torque converter might be at fault. This puts your entire engine and transmission at risk. Another sign of a bad torque converter is contaminated transmission fluid. Torque converters are filled with transmission fluid, and when this gets contaminated by oil or other outside substances, it can cause severe damage to the torque converter and eventually the whole transmission. The final sign of a bad torque converter is shuddering, which will be covered in its own section next.

How do you Stop a Torque Converter from Shuddering?

If you have a bad torque converter, your vehicle might start shuddering. This is when the vehicle feels like it is driving on an extremely rough terrain when it actually is not. No smooth road should feel like the surface of the moon, but shuddering from the torque converter can cause this.

This is very dangerous for the health of your vehicle, and it should be addressed with a mechanic or repairman immediately. Shuddering is a sign that your automatic transmission is having trouble shifting gears properly, which is normally the fault of a bad torque converter. If this goes unaddressed, it can cause severe damage to the transmission, engine, and vehicle’s health overall.

Torque Converter Replacement Costs

Torque converter replacement is not a simple task, and it can get pricey very quickly. The parts alone cost hundreds of dollars – normally between $100 and $500 – and the labor costs are usually double that. The job itself takes several hours for an experienced mechanic to complete. You can expect it to take either a half day of work or a full day of work if you take your vehicle to a shop. 8 hours of labor on top of the price of the torque converter parts can easily cost you up to $1000. For this reason, it is important to do routine maintenance and system checks on your vehicle.

Is a Torque Converter Pilot Bushing Different than a Torque Convertor Bushing?

No, a torque converter pilot bushing is not different than a torque converter bushing. These are just two names for the same type of bushing, which is used to provide reliable and consistent functionality in an automatic transmission. Regardless of the different names, both a torque converter pilot bushing and a torque converter bushing are the same thing, serve the same function, and cost the same price.

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