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Pillow Block bearings

Pillow block is the housing around an anti-friction bearing. It refers to a pillow block which is mounted to a shaft parallel to the mounting surface. It is used in many mounting surfaces. There are many kinds of pillow blocks for customized applications. It contains a bearing with many types of rolling elements. The roller can be of several types, such as cylindrical roller, tapered roller, metallic roller, spherical roller, and synthetic bushing. This is included in a pillow block in addition to a ball. The type of pillow block is based on the type of rolling element. Plummer blocks are different from rolling blocks. They are without any bearings and are used for higher loads. Plummer blocks are used for harsh settings. The ultimate purpose of the pillow block is to make the outer ring stationary and to mount the bearing safely. It also allows for a rotation of the inner ring while the outer ring is stationary.

There are holes in the base, which allow them to be bolted to a foundation. There are two types of bearing housings; split type and solid type. In split type housing, the cap and base are detachable, and solid-type housing is not detachable. Different kinds of sealings are used to ensure that dust and particles do not enter the housing. This makes housing environmentally friendly and keeps the dust away. Keeping the housing dust and contaminants free allows for improved performance. It retains the oil and lubricants and increases the duty cycle. Different kinds of bearings come with different pillow blocks.

The housing of the bearings are typically made of grey cast iron and are used in many applications. The housing can also be made of stainless steel, ductile iron, and various kinds of plastics like polyethylene-based plastics and thermoplastics.

Pillow block bearings are used in mechanical power transmission systems and are machined to the mounting surface. Pillow blocks are sometimes referred to as “Pummel Blocks,” but they are slightly different in functionality. Although their designs are the same, the application is different. Selecting a bearing type depends on the type of application. It depends upon the shaft size, load type running speed, and misalignment.

Flange bearing units, take-up bearings units, and bearing blocks all come with a housing with a bearing mount. These are available in various mounting configurations and a variety of materials. Each mount is designed with security in mind and allows for secure and reliable operation. Here are some pillow blocks bearing types. The pillow block bearings are belt drives, motors, and pumps, industrial gearboxes, conveyor belts, etc.

types of Pillow Block bearings

• Collar Clamps
• Ball Bearings with Cartridge Function
• Flanged Mounted block bearing Units

These can be divided into two categories based on their housing construction.

  • Solid housed bearings
  • Split housed bearings

Solid bearings are one-piece housings, and split house bearings are two-piece housings.

standard sizes Pillow Block bearings

Customized pillow block bearings are available

Pillow block bearings

  • SN500 Series
  • SN200 Series
  • SSN500 Series
  • SN600 Series
  • SN300 Series
  • 1500 Series
  • S3000K Series
  • SN3000 Series
  • SSN3000 Series
  • SN3100 Series
  • SSN3100 Series
  • SD3100 Series
  • SD3000 Series
  • SD500 Series
  • SD600 Series
  • SNU600 Series
  • SNU500 Series
  • SNG500 Series
Boundary dimensions(mm)Mass(Kg)Bearing Number