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Thrust Roller Bearings

Thrust Roller Bearings are the bearings most suitable for heavy loadsThrust Roller Bearings handle high load capacity because of their design. These bearings are used to make machinery as minimum as possible and increase its working efficiency by carrying high load capacity.

Thrust Ball Bearings are a branched type from Thrust Bearings. There are two types of Thrust Bearings, one is Thrust Roller Bearing, and the other is Thrust Ball Bearing. The main difference between both is that the Thrust Roller Bearings helps to carry the high load capacity, while the Thrust Ball Bearing makes machinery work with high-speed.

thrust roller bearings

Thrust Roller Bearings Metric Series:

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What You Want to Know about Thrust Roller Bearings

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types of thrust roller bearings

types of thrust roller bearings

What is a Thrust Roller Bearing?

The Thrust Roller Bearings are used as friction minimizing gadgets in a machine or an appliance. These bearings are suitable for heavy loads, like any other Roller Bearings. The structure and design of these bearings carry a heavy load from the axial direction. But they cannot bear any radial load.

The cylindrical or spherical rollers present in these bearings as the rolling elements of the bearing allow them to go through high load capacity. These bearings are used to reduce friction to the minimum possible rate and improve the working functionality of the heavy load carrying machinery to increase the efficiency rate of application of Thrust Roller Bearing.

How are Thrust Roller Bearings used?

The use of Thrust Roller Bearing depends according to its type and working functionality. These bearings perform heavy duties in various fields of life. That is the reason why they are considered heavy-duty thrust bearing because they are suitable for heavy loads.

The Thrust Roller Bearings are used for agriculture purposes. They are used in industrial fields that require efficient machines to carry heavy loads. The use of these heavy-duty thrust bearings depends on the working functionality of their types as they are used in different fields. The types of Thrust Roller Bearing do not support any radial load applied on them.

Types of Thrust Roller Bearings

There are four types of Thrust Ball Bearings depending on their structure and design. All the types of this bearing have similar working functionalities.

  1. Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing

The Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing is based on cylindrical rollers as the rolling elements of this type of roller bearing. These bearings have single, double, and triple row types for carrying high load capacity. This Bearing is a good option, like other types of thrust roller bearing, to carry axial load. They are suited for heavy load capacity and high axial rigidity.

Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing

Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing

  1. Needle Roller Thrust Bearing

The raceway washer of Needle Roller Thrust Bearing consists of machined parts and pressed steel plate parts. The cross-sectional height of these bearings is the smallest. These bearings are the best to apply in machines that need high load-bearing capacity. These bearings do not support any radial load, only sustain the axial load.

Needle Roller Thrust Bearing

Needle Roller Thrust Bearing


  1. Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing

This type of Thrust Roller Bearings uses a tapered or narrow roller as the rolling element in this bearing. That is why they are known as Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing. These are also an option for supporting axial loads. These bearings are in rolling mill roll necks.

Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing

Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing

  1. Spherical Roller Thrust Bearing

The Spherical Roller Thrust Bearing is based on the barrel-shaped rollers as the rolling elements of the bearing. The raceway surface of the outer ring of these bearings also has a spherical surface. These bearings are one of the best bearings that go through high axial loads.

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearing

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearing

Is a Thrust Bearing a Roller Bearing?

  • The Trust Bearings are a prominent type of rotatory bearings. These bearings permanently rotate between surfaces and different parts like any other bearing. But these bearings specifically support the axial load and do not deal with radial loads. While Roller Bearings, which are also a type of Bearings. All these bearings are based on rollers as rolling elements in the bearings. These bearings support both axial and radial load, unlike the Thrust Bearings.

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