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How to clean roller hockey bearings

In order to keep your skates rolling smoothly, it’s a good idea to clean and lubricate the bearings of your wheels. Most roller hockey wheel bearings are sealed, which makes them hard to clean, but with the right tools and a little patience, it’s easy to do.

This article aims to teach you how to clean roller hockey bearings, as well as how to replace them. The process is simple and can save you money in the long run. So grab some paper towel holders and let’s get started!

If you simply want your bearings to stop squeaking, here’s a quick fix: take a couple of paper towel holders and place them on either side of the bearing. Then, use a hammer to tap the two towel holders together. This will create friction, which will inhibit the ball bearings from making noise as they move around. Sometimes this fix alone is enough to do the trick!

Another method for fixing your roller hockey bearings involves removing the wheels from your skates entirely. With its wheels removed, your skate will look like it has no wheels at all—you can tell where the wheels should be because there are small holes in each of those spots. You’ll need a bearing puller to remove them (you can buy these at any skate store). To use one, press it into the larger hole on either side of the wheel until you hear a distinct cracking sound. Then pull straight down on both sides at once and out it will come!

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  1. The bearings in roller hockey wheels can be cleaned in a few simple steps.

2. Some of the things needed for this process include a bearing puller, a bearing press, and a paper towel holder.

3. Use a wheel puller to remove the wheel from the skate.

4. Remove the bearing from your wheel by sliding the wheel out from under your toe stop and onto the ground.

5. Rotate it 90 degrees so that it is facing up and down instead of sideways like when you first removed it.

6. Replace your wheel with its new bearings and enjoy hockey again!

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