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693 Bearings

The 693 bearing is a miniature deep groove ball bearings that Can be used in motors, instruments, gearboxes, household appliances, internal combustion engines, automotive, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, yo-yo, and other fields. also, 693 bearings are perfect for extremely high-speed operation and are very durable without frequent maintenance. type 693z bearing is single shielded open type bearings, and 693zz bearing is Double Shielded on both sides. our standard 693 3 mm  Ball Bearing Inner Dimension is 3mm X Outer Dimension 8mm X Width 3mm, and our experience engineer can customizable special ball bearing you need, for more custom 693 bearings and seal options please contact Bushing MFG today, we will guarantee that you will have excellent experience working with us.

693 bearing
Products Feature
Bearing Model
693, 693z, 693zz, 693 2rs, 693u
3x8x3 mm
Open / Single Shielded / Double Shielded / Rubber Sealed

Feature For Bearing 693

Bearing Types Materials: Cage
693 miniature deep groove ball bearings
Chrome steel
Low noise, high speed and long service life
Carbon steel
Stainless steel
delivery method by Bushing MFG
delivery method by Bushing MFG

693 Bearing Shield Types

Open Type:
693 open types

693 bearings

Single Shielded:
693z single shielded

693z ball bearing

Double Shielded:
693zz double shielded

693zz ball bearing

Rubber Shielded:
693 2rs rubber shielded

693 2rs ball bearing

693 ball bearings 3X8X3mm Specifications & Dimensions

Technical Specifications
Bearing Type
Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearing
3 MM
8 MM
Width B
3 MM
Load Direction
Raceway Ring Rows
Single Track
Size Standards
Metric Series
693 ball bearings dimensions

If you are looking to buy 693 bearings or another ball bearing please contact our sales assistant today for the PDF catalogue, special custom order is available.

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