Self-lubricating bearings

Self-lubricating bearing is a metallic component that is impregnated in the lubricant oil and has high porosity (ranging in 20 -25% in the volume). In these special types of lubricating bearings, the oil is contained in the porosity and works to provide constant lubrication between the shaft and bearing. In this system of constant availability of oil, there is no need to provide any external lubricant because the system is sufficient to work well in the already provided lubrication. The self-lubricating bearings enable the user to use it for the sliding process of bearing and work under the hydrodynamic conditions. It provides an efficient and low friction coefficient. Due to working conditions, the self-lubricating bearings are often referred s greaseless bearings and maintenance-free bearings. This type of bearings are provided with the pre-applied grease, therefore, it is also known as pre-lubricated bearings. During the working process, the pre lubricating bearings will require relubrication process to work independently. The working of self-lubricating bearings is based on the sliding layers of bearings through the pores and the lubricant disperses in the slides. Another running layer is added with the sliding layer at the top of the sliding layer that provides low friction and lubricant moves towards the bearing surface. The design consideration of self-lubricating bearings is highly important. The pieces of the bearing are equipped to work in remote places. The service life of the system can be improved with self-lubricated bearings. The significant improvement in the bearing system is evident from the past few decades. The conventional liquid lubrication is used at the subtle interfacial phenomena which are deleterious to the good operations. The only possible issue in the operation is the fluid migration into the matrix of the polymer and it could lead to premature failure of the bearing.


Some important advantages of self-lubricating bearings are listed below,


In the self-lubricating bearings, the constant presence of oil reduces the risk of seizure and it also provides the function of bearing to work well in the thousand hours without wear and friction.


The self-lubricating bearings are economically beneficial because there is no need for maintenance and lubrication.


The self-lubricating bearings can work under high loads of up to 10 MPs and at a high speed of 8 m/s. In the case of maximum working, PV can work at different levels ranging of 10 MPs and the dimensional precision is necessary to be high that produces low noise.

Applications of self-lubricating bearings

The self-lubricating bushings find many applications such as in the starter motor, cooling processes, fuel pumps, brakes, universal electric motors, actuators, and other applications in the industrial sectors. In the aerospace industry, the self-lubricating bearings are used in the low friction bearings with the excellent wear resistance and it reduces the labor cost in the function. In the aircraft, it is not easy to find the faulty bearing and to provide the service to each bearing individually. Therefore, the self-lubricating bearings are used with long service lives and reduced need for maintenance.

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