Super Precision Bearings

Super Precision Bearings manufacturers

needle roller bearings

Super Precision Bearings can be separated by a single row which can be submitted to high radial load and some axial load, The rolling element of a needle roller bearing is a needle, two ends of the external lines have the corrective slope which can eliminate the contact stress. In order to ensure the same load capacity and operating performance as ring bearing, the surface hardness of the raceway surface of the shaft or shell hole should be similar to that of the raceway of bearing ring. This kind of bearing can only bear a radial load.

types of Super Precision Bearings

Thin Section Bearings / Harmonic Reducer Flexible Bearings

advantages of our Super Precision Bearings

  1. The bearing Inside is kept dustproof
  2. Working temperature shall be no higher than rated operating temperature
  3. It can be used acid-free environment
  4. kept in relative humidity under 60%
  5. Which handled gently, avoiding falling, knocking, or hitting it
  6. Shall be installed evenly.