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small ball bearings are miniature bearings with balls as their rolling elements.  These small bearings have an outside diameter of less than 3/8″ (<9.525 mm) or are small bearings with an outside diameter less than or equal to ½” (≤ 12.7 mm) having a ratio of outside diameter to an inside diameter equal to or less than two.
The main materials are carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastics, ceramics, etc.

Common types of miniature bearings

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Why miniature bearings failure

About 40% of the failures of small ball bearings are caused by dust, dirt, debris contamination, and corrosion. pollution is usually caused by incorrect use and poor use environment. It can also cause torque and noise problems. miniature bearing failures caused by the environment and pollution can be prevented, and the cause of such failures can be determined by simple visual observation. as long as the use and installation are reasonable, the erosion of the miniature bearing is easy to avoid.

The feature of erosion is that there are indentations on the raceway of the miniature bearing ring caused by impact load or incorrect installation. erosion usually occurs when the load exceeds the yield limit of the material. if the installation is not correct so that a certain load traverses the miniature bearing ring, corrosion will also occur.  pressure pits on the miniature bearing ring can also generate noise, vibration, and additional torque.