The sliding bushing is a type of bearing that is cylindrical with the lining design that reduces wear and friction inside the holes. A bushing is a mechanical element that works to reduce friction between the stationary components and rotating shafts. Most often, the bushings are composed of plastic and soft metal with the thin oil film that supports all the rotation. Bushings find applications as a casing for the pin, hinge, and shaft. The elastic bearings are also bushing that is used as a type of vibration isolator and composed of rubber. The interface is developed between two types of parts and damping of the movement is the main characteristic that is used for the transmission of energy. One of the most common types of bushings is threshold bushing that is used as a fastener element and inserted between the objects. The component is usually added in the threaded hole that is composed of thin and soft material. There is a lining in the bushings that are used for the operation and the conductor passes through the mechanical and insulation protection. It works as an adapter to join different sizes of the pipes. Bushings are also known as plain bearing, sleeve bearings, sliding bearings and journal bearings. Bushings are often used for the alignment jigs in different operations such as drilling operations. The brushings provide a specific point of the interface such as current and voltage passage from the components. Bushings in the operations are like the bridges on the highway that provides functionality for all the components to work appropriately.

Types of sliding bushings

A bushing is a mechanical component that is used to reduce the friction between the stationary elements and rotating shafts. Plain bearings are used in the machinery with sliding and rotating components. 

Drill jig bushings

Drill jig bushings are often used for the drill guidance in the precision metal drilling operations. The drill jib bushings are ordinarily available for the press-fit single parts and work as renewable components. The bushings are used as replaceable liners and function as bearings. The bushings are often tightly tolerated with the maintenance of accuracy that is required for the operations of machinery.

Dry run plastic bushings

Dry running plastic bushings are used in the food packaging and pharmaceutical processes where the metal and oil are considered as harmful components in the packings.

Sliding Bushing material type

The materials used for the plain bearing are of different types that are based on the application of the material. The other types of bushes include cylindrical wrapped bushing, flanged wrapped bushings, flanged sintered bushing, cylindrical sintered bushing, and polymer bushing. The cylindrical wrapped bushings consist of three layers that are listed below,

sliding bushing

  1. A bronze and steel strip that improve the mechanical resistance.
  2. A porous sintered bronze layer that is used for the bonding of other layers, heating conductivity, and dimensional stability.

Ptfe based sliding layer that works as a good quality auto lubricant and works in the low wear and low friction function.