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miniature bearings

Miniature Bearings are small bearings with balls as their rolling elements.  These small bearings have an outside diameter of less than 3/8″ (<9.525 mm) or are small bearings with an outside diameter less than or equal to ½” (≤ 12.7 mm) having a ration of outside diameter to inside diameter equal to or less than two.

types of miniature bearings

608, 605, 624, 683, 695, 627, 629 ZZ,Z,2RS,rs,RZ,2RZ,OPEN

advantages of our miniature bearings

  1. Long-life with high quality
  2. Low-noise with strict controlling
  3. High-load,high-technical design
  4. Competitive price, which is the most valuable
  5. OEM service offered, to meet the customer’s requirements