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Cheap Bearings VS Expensive Bearings

No doubt, in quality, there is little difference between Germany bearings and Chinese bearings, But relatively high-end industrial bearings, there should be little difference in technology, here is only the technology!

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Why? high-end industrial bearings still use more Germany brands! The price of domestically produced products of the same quality is higher! Generally, in the minds of users, the price of domestic bearings should be one-half to one-third of the price of the same type of foreign well-known brands, and Chinese bearing manufacturers have also formed such a mindset, and domestic bearing manufacturers have also set such a price. The range has become the standard for product pricing.

The raw materials that most directly affect the fatigue life of the bearing. The lower the content of titanium, hydrogen, and oxygen in the raw materials, the better the fatigue resistance. To control the content of these elements, a large amount of cost needs to be invested, and the control of the hydrogen and oxygen content requires vacuum degassing. , To control the titanium content, it is even more difficult. There is no way to reduce the titanium element content. You can only choose steel from the original iron ore with low titanium content in the original ore.

This is no longer a problem in China. SKF FAG uses raw materials from domestic steel mills, but the cost is not low. If domestic bearing manufacturers want to compete at a low price, they can only reduce their raw material requirements.

Cheap Bearings

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