plain bearings

All you need to know about plain bearings application and advantages

What is a plain bearings?The plain bearings, also called a bushing, is a mechanical part used to reduce grinding between rotating shafts and unmoving support members. Usually, a bushing depends on the delicate metal or plastic and an oil…

Types of Thrust washer and application

Thrust washers are used in the machine, appliances, power tools, transportation conveyance, and other recreational devices that consist of different moving parts including rotating components, axles, pins, bolts, and bearings.
BM-092 bronze wrapped bushing

What is Bushing Bearing

Self-lubricating bearings are often called as sleeve bearings because it provides its lubrication during operation without the requirement of any oil and grease
Self-lubricating bearings

Self-lubricating bearings

Self-lubricating bearing is a metallic component that is impregnated in the lubricant oil and has high porosity

Sliding Bushing

A bushing is a mechanical component that is used to reduce the friction between the stationary elements and rotating shafts
sleeve bearing

Bushing vs bearing

Difference between bearing and bushings
Cheap bearings